Practitioner Training

Switzerland, December 10 2018

Hello everyone,

2018 has been another year of transition in many ways for Applied Mindfulness. Neil, Justin and myself joined effort to find a new venue and organize a 5 day multilevel in April and a Deepening skills in October (led by Caroline Braham) but had to cancel the other 5 day multilevel for lack of students.

Many regular students have now completed their training and we want to take the opportunity to congratulate them again here. Well done Andy, Dana, David, Loan, Louli, Maitridhara, Neil, Coralie and Jane for completing your 44 days.

All this added to some personal changes has made me rethink my commitment to coming to England to teach and I have decided to concentrate my effort in organising Hakomi trainings in Switzerland and pause my involvement in the UK.

This said I am available for any students that have joined our trainings to discuss ways of supporting your learning or your certification process, individually or in small groups, through zoom or by coming in England for a few days to teach a self-organised group. I actually would love to stay in contact

It is important to know that you can continue to learn or start your Hakomi Practitioner Training in other settings in England, either with Caroline Braham in London or with Trudy Johnston in Lancaster.
You can find all the information about those trainings and about the UK Residential of the summer on

There are also many other possibilities to learn Hakomi in Europe:

Zurich, Switzerland (website)
Bilbao, Spain (website)
Oslo, Norway (website)
Ireland (website)

Also you may have heard about the Hakomi International Gathering that will be held in Bilbao Spain in September 2019. Please check the wonderful website that Carlos and David and their team have put together for it. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet the international community. (website)

Mark, Carrie and I started Applied Mindfulness in 2013 from our love of the Hakomi Method and also as a way to see each other regularly and have fun together, and what an incredible adventure it has been.

My deepest gratitude to those of you who made it real and to the training faculty friends Caroline Braham, Trudy Johnston, Marcia Burton and assistants: Lisa Halse, Diarmid Baillie, Josh Gifford, Carlos Ramirez and David Medina for supporting the unfolding of the adventure. Not to forget Justin Haroun, Neil O‘Sullivan and Philippe Cattier that have supported the organisation over the last year.